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Have You Voted Yet?

Our eligible voting customers as of May 3, 2018 were mailed Proxy Card(s) and other materials requesting them to cast votes regarding our Plan of Conversion and Reorganization . If you have not yet voted, a quick way to do so is to click on "Vote Now". This will lead you to a confidential voting site.


Thank you for taking a few minutes to cast your vote online. Have your Proxy Card in hand so that you can enter online the 12 digit control number printed on your Proxy Card.

Let’s talk...

At Mid-Southern Savings Bank, FSB you matter to us, and we enjoy watching you succeed. We love really getting to know you, and we look forward to seeing your face and chatting when you stop by. Other banks keep adding an increasing number of ways for customers to avoid contact with a real person, but at Mid-Southern Savings Bank, FSB we encourage you to talk to us over the phone, or visit familiar faces at your local branch. And while we do offer online & mobile banking services and advice, we love to chat with you, help you come up with strategies and solutions, and even crunch numbers until your questions are addressed. No matter what your financial need - buying a new house, budgeting for baby, financing a business expansion, or saving for retirement - let’s talk.